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Frederick Douglass & Jose Marti for Justice
Heroes in Africa
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René Gonzalez and friends in Angola
The risks we take show our priorities
Gerardo Hernandez by an African portrait of Che
With respect, duty, truth and Love
Friends in Deed
Rene with his own moment
His gaze steels our discipline, his sacrifice our courage

Angola. For those of us who know the history of the struggle for justice in the south of the African continent, this country is pivotal. For many of us the shame at how the United States supplied and trained the South African racist military monster in terrorizing the whole area is ever present.

What we would have done as a nation to nurture and support the independence struggles emerging there. Struggles close to our hearts reminding us of our own efforts to throw off the yoke of oppression that was crushing our humanity with slavery, lynching and Jim Crow. How many of us would have gladly given our bodies and souls and volunteered to fight shoulder to shoulder with the Angolans against the Apartheid hordes? But US State department "diplomacy" ruled the righteous to be sinners and the devil himself to be blessed. The heroic mettle of our people, Black Brown and white was not to be tested on that stage. We were sold out. Betrayed, lied to and suppressed, humiliated into watching as the wealth of our sweat was used to empower the torturer of our sisters and brothers in Africa.

Not so the children of Cuba. The African people signaled the drumbeat of truth and a will to be free. From the bosom of Cuba came the response, we are with you. 300,000 served with honor in the cause of justice and international solidarity. They fought bravely and cunningly. They defeated the most highly trained and equipped troops the South Africans could muster. Together the Africans and Cubans changed the course of the history on that continent. They inflicted such a blow that the very core of that system was mortally wounded.

Would that my country might have given you or me an opportunity to assist on the side of justice in this fight. It did not. And now several of those Cubans who did serve are imprisoned in our jails. On this page are some pictures of those heroes by their posts in Angola. Join with us to free them from this most unjust imprisonment. Learn about this case and waste nothing in your efforts to right this wrong. Free the Five!
Gerardo Hernandez
Bravery and Truth
Fernando Gonzalez
Integrity and Solidarity
Gerardo Hernandez
Honor and Protect

Free the Five